MJ - Musician“Michael James consistently finds the hits before they happen. He brings the best out of artists and puts 200% into his mixes.”
Ruta E. Sepetys, Artist Manager (Lit, Steve Vai, …)

“When I receive a project that Michael has produced or mixed, I know that I will need to do very little if anything to make the recording sound superb. His mixing skills and the musical approach that he takes along with understanding the intention of the artist help him create mixes that achieve sonic excellence!”
Dave Donnelly, President, DNA Mastering

“I don’t have to do much to Michael James’ mixes in mastering. It’s very difficult to get the vocal to sit right in a big track without losing the power of the music or the snare, and he always gets it right. Also, the frequency spectrum balance is excellent.”
Bernie Grundman, Owner, Bernie Grundman Mastering

“Obviously inspired and very meticulously done.  You can hear the soul in it, which makes all the difference for me.”
Robben Ford, Guitarist (Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, George Harrison, Yellowjackets)
“I love your expressive, soulful playing, Michael, and the way the band supports your fresh voice on the guitar.  The organic vibe and tasteful arrangements enhance the beauty of your compositions.”
Gregg Bissonette, Drummer (Ringo Starr, Larry Carlton, Steve Vai, Steve Lukather)

“Michael’s mixes are the most organic, airy, balanced, and non-intrusive compliments to a song I’ve heard.  It’s as if Michael continues writing the song long after the songwriter put down his/her pen, and maybe that’s the hallmark of his work – he helps tell the story.  His breadth and depth as a musician, guitarist, producer, and composer are only matched by his energy and obvious joy in music making.  As a performer on many of Michael’s mixes, I’ve been blown away by the layers he uncovered, magic in the tracks I didn’t know were there, ‘Mixing Hall Of Fame’ level work.  MJ is a vital member of the team, and I’m thrilled and inspired to have the opportunity to work with him.”
Linda Taylor, Guitarist, Composer, Producer (Art Garfunkel, Terri Lyne Carrington, Crystal Bowersox, Edwin McCain, Whose Line Is It Anyway?)

“I don’t know how he does it, but Michael James always knows how to get all the elements audible in the mix, and in a very musical way.  He sorts out any sonic gridlock, and always thinks from the song’s point of view.  He’s super easy to work with, communicative, fast, and has great web service!”
Dan Rothchild, Producer (Better Than Ezra) and Bassist (Beck, Sheryl Crow, Dixie Chicks, Heart, Shakira)

“If you are not inclined to utilize Michael James’ prodigious mixing talents on your next project, then please proceed directly to the nearest health care facility and ask to have your head examined.  Michael has mixed several indie records for me and therefore I can attest that he mixes with skill, passion, energy, musicality, and particular attention to detail.  Importantly, he listens not only to the music, but to the artist and his/her vision.  Plus, he is a super nice guy and easy to work with: no attitude or ego driven nonsense.  In my experience, he has never failed to hit a mix out of the park.  Michael gets it and you should get him.”
Wishnefsky, Recording Artist & Founder, Lost Dog Records

“Michael James is one of a kind. After pouring sacrifice, work, discipline, and thousands of hard-earned dollars into making the best Indie record I can within my means, I wouldn’t consider handing over my baby to anyone else. MJ has mixed all of my CDs and, with any luck, will continue to. Along with his obvious mixing skill and musical artistry, he has two other things that set him apart from so many others – first, he actually LISTENS to his artists, second, he truly CARES about making that artist’s Indie CD sound every bit as great as any the Majors spend ten times as much on.”
Danielle LoPresti / Danielle LoPresti and The Masses, Creator/Producer, San Diego IndieFest

“Michael James is a great mixer. Need I say more?”
Keith Holzman, Solutions Unlimited & Veteran Major Label Executive

“We knew Michael James when he was a young, vegetarian, Baha’i, born-again virgin, whose recording, production, and mixing skills couldn’t be matched by twenty more experienced and debauched old-school Hollywood bazillionaires working together. He’s still pretty clean-living, so far as we know, but his skills have, impossibly, gotten even better. Trust us: our band sucks, and he makes us sound like the fucking Who. “
Tim Quirk, front guy for Too Much Joy and Wonderlick

“If I’m going for spacious and organic, dense and sizzly or anything in between, I call Michael James. He gets the ear candy sounds I need when an element is totally exposed and he finds just the right place for everything even when I’m chock full o’tracks. In a big production I can just think about the instrument I want to hear, and I hear it thanks to MJ’s placement and TLC. As if that’s not enough, even in the challenging and increasingly frustrating environment of the music business, Michael works with enthusiasm, humor and a total team spirit, constantly showing his genuine love of music. No joke, this guy is really good.”
Maia Sharp, Songwriter, Artist, Producer (Dixie Chicks, Bonnie Raitt, Art Garfunkel, Edwin McCain, Trisha Yearwood)

“The most special part about Michael James, is his relentless attention to detail. Singlehandedly the most talented mixer I have ever met, MJ is my number one choice for my most important projects. With an impeccable pair of ears, MJ is also a remarkable multi-instrumentalist and songwriter whose sensitivity to the craft only expands his outstanding mixes.”
Alicia Champion, Executive Producer, San Diego IndieFest, Owner, Durga Sound Studio

“Michael James loves what he does and that shows in his excellent work. His ears are amazing and he uses them to create the sound and vibe I’m looking for. We have worked together for years on numerous projects and I am sure we will work together on many more. Even though I am an indie artist, Michael James gives me and my tunes the major star treatment.”
Julia Albert, Recording Artist

“Michael always goes above and beyond the call of duty to help me achieve my artistic vision. He’s a fantastic mixer, producer and musician and he knows how to get the very best out of any recording – even for artists on an “indie” budget. Michael and IndieProMix.com are Highly recommended!”
Roy Ashen, Recording Artist

“MJ is the man. He hears before he speaks and always lays it down right on time. He’s ideal for any artist, at any level, looking to improve their project.”
Estes Shane Whalen, Singer/Songwriter

“For someone like myself, not being a well established recording artist, I am convinced no one would put as much work in as MJ. For him it’s not ultimately about money, his pride is at stake. Every time. Coming from the sports world where determination, attention to detail and a never-give-up attitude are key, it wasn’t until I came across MJ that I found common ground in the music business.”
Kenny Brack, Recording Artist & Race Car Driver (Winner Indianapolis 500)

“The mixes sounded like a record, ’nuff said! “
Kenneth H. Williams, Widnik Productions, FOH Mixer (D’Angelo, Roots, Jada Pinkett-Smith)

“Michael James is an exceptional mixer. He has an uncanny knack for accurately interpreting my aim for the sound and vibe of a song and quickly translating it into a powerful and cohesive mix. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
David Weiss, Songwriter, Guitarist (SlackJaw Blues Band, Travis Whitelaw, Trailer Radio)

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