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Orchestrations of a Layered Soul

by Raffi Minasian
March 2015, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Michael and I first met as kids in school. I wasn’t a guitarist. I played violin. When we realized we had similar musical interests we got together to play music. We were so young. Both with our bushy 70's hair – MJ’s was beach water blonde from all the sun, mine jet black from the Middle East. Totally visually different, but connected by music. We started playing and that was the first time I remember thinking that I didn't have to play violin in an orchestra. The voice of my violin could be heard in other ways and I could be the one to release it. I started down a path with jazz, bluegrass, blues, and roots music. I'm not a great song writer or player by any means, but the joy of playing is still with me as it was in those very first days when my eyes and ears were opened up by a 17 year old sound alchemist who would go on to do the very same thing with hundreds of other players and seekers on their sonic journey. 

In this fresh and driving account of Michael’s journey, we’re treated to the orchestrations of a layered soul. No one can truly capture a spirit. But, you can signal a moment in time, a fresh slice of feeling and hold it in your ears through a recording. Each of these tracks come together in unique ways, some informed by memories of Michael’s past, some from literal musical exchanges with other artists, but all are willing gifts for our ears. This emotional soul-stirring magic can only come from someone who’s lived a thoughtful and spiritually adventurous life, thousands of lives before, and thousands of lives to come. The gift of these songs is how they capture a journey in sound, an epic voicing, outside the boundaries of time. Together with some of the most talented musicians, each song becomes a roadmap to a future that unfolds in celebration of our faith – not a thick, burdened faith, but a vast open distance filled with sound.  Marchesano is more than a collection of songs: it is a brilliant sonic map, charted from one man’s journey - a map that leads any soul toward joyful awakening. 

Raffi Minasian is a designer, writer, and musician with a passion for creative adventure and arts education. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of ZooLabs, a California based music incubator.