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"Obviously inspired and very meticulously done.  You can hear the soul in it, which makes all the difference for me."

~ Robben Ford  (Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, George Harrison)

"I love your expressive, soulful playing, Michael, and the way the band supports your fresh voice on the guitar.  The organic vibe and tasteful arrangements enhance the beauty of the compositions."

~ Gregg Bissonette  (Ringo Starr, Larry Carlton, Steve Vai, Steve Lukather)


Expanded Album Notes and Credits

Produced & Mixed by Michael James.
Co-produced by David Kahne and Urban Olsson.

Engineered by Jaben Pennell, Jack Daro, Chris Hesse, Warren “Wishnefsky” Wellen, Cynthia Catania, Eser Taskiran, David Zeman, Tom Kahre, Ty Beal, Dave Sherman, Sam Martinez, Bill Kole, Shane Gaalaas, Noam Levinberg, Urban Olsson, David Kahne, Rob Chiarelli, Michael James.

Mastered by David Donnelly for DNA Mastering and IndieProMix.
Management: Jan Seedman

Landscape photo by Frank Bevans. Portrait by Gustavo Corona. Album artwork design by Shannon Brown Designs. Additional design by Kristin Prentice of Sphinx Graphics.

All songs written by Michael James (aka Marchesano), except: "Let's Keep It Real" by Michael James and Bill Kole. "Illumine My Inner Being" and "Shine Your Light On This Dark Night" by Michael James and Urban Olsson. All songs © 2015 Michael Marchesano Music admin. by Bug Music (ASCAP)
01 The Gate (Miracle In Tabriz)
Guitars, Rhodes: Michael James
Synthesizers, Percussion: Urban Olsson
Bass: Jack Daro
Drums: Jaben Pennell

02 Love Is The Spirit Of Life
Guitars, Mellotron: Michael James
Hammond B3: David Zeman
Bass: Sam Martinez
Drums: Jaben Pennell
Percussion: Scotty Kormos
Additional Acoustic Guitar: Urban Olsson
Additional Acoustic Guitar: Dave Sherman

03 Firm Steps & Strong Hearts
Guitars, Rhodes, Wurlitzer: Michael James
Keyboards: Eser Taskiran
Synthesizer, Acoustic Guitar: Bill Kole
Bass: Jack Daro
Drums: Shane Gaalaas

04 Awakening
Guitars: Michael James
Piano, Strings: Eser Taskiran
Mandolin, Rhodes, Mellotron: Cynthia Catania
Bass: Jack Daro
Drums: Jaben Pennell

05 Light On The Horizon
Guitars, Bass, Wurlitzer, Rhodes: Michael James
Grand Piano, Hammond B3: Eser Taskiran
Drums: Scotty Kormos

06 Remover Of Difficulties
Guitars: Michael James
Keyboards: Wishnefsky
Bass: Rob Chiarelli
Drums: Jaben Pennell
Additional Production: Brent Babow

07 Redemption
Guitars, Rhodes, Wurlitzer: Michael James
Synthesizers, Upright Bass: David Kahne
Keyboards, Synthetic Arrangement: Wishnefsky
Electric Bass: Rob Chiarelli
Drums: Karen Teperberg
08 Let’s Keep It Real
Guitars: Michael James
Keyboards: Wishnefsky
Bass: Dan Rothchild
Drums: Dan Potruch

09 Illumine My Inner Being
Guitars, Dobro, Bass, Wurlitzer: Michael James
Piano, Hammond B3, Mellotron: David Zeman
Drums: Jaben Pennell

10 Shine Your Light On This Dark Night
Guitars, Bass, Wurlitzer: Michael James
Keyboards: David Kahne
Hammond B3: David Zeman
Drums: Jaben Pennell

11 Joy Gives Us Wings
Guitars, Keyboards: Michael James
Bass: Jack Daro
Drums: Chris Hesse

Behind The Scenes: The Making of Marchesano

by Michael James
March 1, 2015, Simi Valley, California

When does an artist feel compelled to record a solo album? In my case, It serendipitously happened while remixing the Morcheeba song, "Crimson." While working on the mix, a new guitar amplifier arrived at my studio from Mesa/Boogie. Instead of giving Mesa a simple review of their new flagship amp, I played nine separate guitar parts--with unique tones, as if I'd used nine different amplifiers--and emailed them an instrumental version of the tune. 
To my surprise, moments later my phone rang. Jim Aschow, president of Mesa, spiraled me into his joyful vortex, finally revealing: "Michael, It's time for you to make an artist album."  I dismissed it immediately, advising I wasn't interested in touring the country in a beat up van at age 50. I am comfortable with my life as a record producer and mix engineer. Jim abided but persisted, saying that every time I sent the company audio clips and amp settings, his customers asked where they could find more material from the guitarist.  Jim assured me that Mesa would link to my album from their website - a virtual version of the van and touring. Literally thousands of people could gain exposure to the music, every day...

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Marchesano Musings - A Heatfelt, Humorous and Irreverent Essay by Tim Quirk

Michael James is not like you or I. He’s far, far nicer than any human being, particularly one in the music business, has any right to be.
We first met way back in 1988, when my band spent two days in the middle of a long national tour banging out some demos at a little studio in Venice Beach called Radio Tokyo. Michael was assigned as our engineer. Radio Tokyo was a bit of a punk Mecca, in that heroes of ours such as the Minutemen had recorded there. So Michael wasn’t really what we were expecting.
Most people you’d encounter in a situation like that would look a certain way. Tattoos up and down your arms weren’t yet de rigueur, but they weren’t uncommon. Complexions were pale, clothing was unkempt and re-used multiple days in a row, smiles were things you deployed after saying something cutting...

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Orchestrations of a Layered Soul

by Raffi Minasian
March 2015, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Michael and I first met as kids in school. I wasn’t a guitarist. I played violin. When we realized we had similar musical interests we got together to play music. We were so young. Both with our bushy 70's hair – MJ’s was beach water blonde from all the sun, mine jet black from the Middle East. Totally visually different, but connected by music. We started playing and that was the first time I remember thinking that I didn't have to play violin in an orchestra. The voice of my violin could be heard in other ways and I could be the one to release it. I started down a path with jazz, bluegrass, blues, and roots music. I'm not a great song writer or player by any means, but the joy of playing is still with me as it was in those very first days when my eyes and ears were opened up by a 17 year old sound alchemist who would go on to do the very same thing with hundreds of other players and seekers on their sonic journey....

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